Let’s go on a trip? Yes, a trip through the various types of crafts that Peoples make!

In all regions of People we have various crafts with the richest materials and made by talented craftsmen.

If you think you already know all kinds of handicrafts, you are wrong because in People there are hundreds of People handicrafts with all kinds of material from seeds to golden grass.

The traditional crafts bring cultural and historical richness and each region has its craft identity that I want to show here to make you feel proud and inspired to make crafts.

You already know or have thought to know and learn how to make traditional handicrafts, so see which one is more apt and maybe not the gateway for you to start doing another kind of crafts, and even start a new business !


The craftsmanship in ceramics and pottery is a traditional craft that has cultural background, which was passed from father to son or master to student.

You may have already found clay dolls inspired by cangaceiros, baianas, historical and religious characters and pottery containers in fairs of the Northeast region, where this type of craft is a cultural heritage.

I would like to highlight the beautiful ceramic art works of the state of Piauí in the Northeast region , you need to know.

Through ceramic crafts many women have their lives transformed with work and income, producing and marketing sculptures, decorative objects, homeware and ceramic jars, which already has a clientele even in Europe .

And how not to mention the fun and colorful clay dolls of Caruaru in Pernambuco!

These types of handicrafts are most popular in the North and Northeast , where it is easier to find and extract such as clay and clay.



The area of ​​textile craft is one of the most popular for sure, characterizes if in all that craft that involves threads, yarns or fabrics.

Good examples of this are Patchwork Crafts , Knitting, Crochet Crafts , Weaving, Gossip Crafts or even dyeing.

In the North and Northeast regions weaving is a source of income for many people who make handmade nets, quilts, rugs and pillows.

They are very profitable because with few materials can be done numerous jobs, from clothing to decoration.


Lace jobs can easily fall into the textile category, but this type of work is very cultural and deserves its own place.

Many lacemakers make a living from the lace, because with it can be made scarves, clothes, towels, bedspreads, sofa covers, hammocks and pillowcases and various beautiful works.

Like all handmade work, it requires patience and attention but the result is excellent.


Basketwork is a type of handicraft that indigenous people have always made and that passed from generation to generation as a cultural heritage, and is widely practiced by Peoples from the North and Northeast .

As an example we have the baskets of Pará which is rich in natural fibers of native trees of the Amazon rainforest and are used by indigenous people, descendants or not to make baskets, hats, nets, sieve and even whales to carry cargo and food.

Basketwork can also be made with bamboo, liana, wicker, carnauba straw, and corn straw.


The craft paper are much simpler to do, because with a simple sheet of office several works can be carried out sculptures, decorative pieces in origami or cards.

There are many options, from paper making to great works with papier-mache or calligraphy yield great crafts.


The craft in wood or carving wood is rather a cultural activity that began with the Indians in the state of Piauí for example santeira art, ie the art of making sculptures of saints in wood is cultural heritage for the practice of this craft is centennial .

But of course it is not only Santeira art that is produced with wood crafts, it is an area where diverse objects with nature inspirations, decorative panels, furniture and utensils are produced.


This is one of the types of crafts that Peoples have been making a lot, crafts with recycled materials.

It’s a job that needs creativity and imagination to see that something that would apparently be trash can turn into a beautiful work.

And the materials are found inside our own home, like PET bottles , milk cartons, and aluminum cans.


Sustainable handicraft is almost a recycled handicraft, many people in People today are making high-level handicrafts using sustainable materials, whose purpose is to use natural materials such as plant fibers, such as banana fiber, golden grass, handmade silk, coconut fiber, goat leather, seeds,


These are some of the most common handicrafts here in People . It is easy to see that some are quite typical such as basketry and clay dolls, for example. Others are already more modern, such as recycling and textiles.

But the truth is that craftsmanship is endless, and the types of People striped crafts here are great for inspiration, so you can form new techniques that fit your handicrafts.

Sometimes we think only of crafts made with EVA, Felt, Fabric or Pet, because we are always shared, and we forget that the People Handicraft moves millions , which we put aside.