Understanding Crafts, Types of Crafts

Sometimes, repairing or making something yourself is a better choice than buying something new. You don’t have to make these craft skills a hobby, but they are definitely useful to have.

At least, knowing the basics or how to do it, can be useful for you. Here are some types of crafts that you should master the basics.

  1. Sewing

This is perhaps the most important craft skill to have. Whether it’s using a sewing machine or relying on the ability of the hand, knowing how to sew will always be useful.

If you don’t plan to become an expert tailor, at least know the basics of how to sew. Learn how to sew a hemline . Learn how to sew buttons. All of these skills you must have.

  1. Knitting

You can design and knit a scarf, beanie hat , or even a jumper jacket yourself. You can knit for yourself, or for others. You will surely enjoy this activity.

  1. Greeting Cards Greeting

cards may already be selling and are easy to get. However, to feel more special, there’s no harm in you being creative by making your own greeting cards. Print one of your favorite photos or draw a design by hand. You don’t have to have a big artistic vision. If you know the basics of good design, that’s enough. Believe me, many people will appreciate the skill of your hands making your own greeting cards as part of a gift.

  1. Origami

The most famous origami model is probably a paper crane . The art of paper folding from Japan only requires a little time to master. But when you do, the results can be something special. This can be used to attract the attention of children, even adults. You can use the results of these skills for party decoration, such as a child’s birthday party.

  1. Screen Printing

Imagine you can design your own shirt. With screen printing, you can make it happen. This is also a great way to create and duplicate your own original artwork.

  1. Arranging flowers

Arranging and arranging flowers beautifully and neatly is not an easy task. An understanding of elements and aesthetic values ​​is needed in order to produce beautiful flower arrangements. Not only that, the art of flower arrangement is a great way to calm down.

  1. Pottery

Try making a bowl or cup to start. If you have the talent to create other forms of pottery that are unique and interesting, you might be able to start selling them and make a profit. If not, at least you can distribute handmade mugs as gifts.

Understanding Crafts

Understanding Kerajian is a human work of art in the form of objects with various shapes and colors that they like.

The term “craft” comes from the word “diligent” which means objects or items produced by the skills of one’s hands.

Understanding Crafts According to Experts

– Kadjim (2011: 10)

According to Kadjim, the definition of a craft is an effort that is carried out continuously with enthusiasm in perseverance, agility, persistence, high dedication and extensive advanced in doing a work.

So it can be concluded that crafts are things related to handmade or activities related to goods produced through craftsmanship (crafts).

Definition of Crafts

Handicraft is an activity carried out to make a craft using human hand skills.

Examples of Crafts:

  • Embroidery
  • Fold art
  • Lace etc.

Definition of Weaving Crafts

Weaving craft is a craft that can create beauty by man-made by weaving.

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Examples of Woven Crafts:

  • Cover Rice
  • Night lamp
  • Bag etc.

Definition of Ceramic Crafts

As the name implies, ceramic craft is a handicraft made from clay. The process of making this ceramic craft is by being burned.

Examples of Ceramic Crafts:

  • Porcelain
  • Urn
  • Pot
  • Teapot etc.

Definition of Natural Fiber Crafts

Crafts are crafts that are produced from natural fiber materials that are also abundant and diverse.

Examples of Natural Fiber Crafts:

  • Purse
  • Bag
  • Hat

Definition of Leather Craft

As the name implies, leather craft is one of the handicrafts whose basic ingredients are using mature / ripe leather, raw leather or synthetic leather.

Examples of Leather Crafts:

  • Bag
  • Purse
  • Belt
  • Puppet

Understanding Soap Crafts

The definition of soap craft is craft that uses artificial soft materials. The main ingredient of this craft is bar soap.

This craft processing is divided into two ways namely carved and grated or crushed and then printed.