Types of Crafts That Can Be Made from Used Goods

Used goods that we often ignore can turn out to be of high value if we create them into crafts. Even if we are serious, these items can become promising business opportunities.

Moreover, there are still many people who have not been able to take advantage of this opportunity properly. So, for those of us who have the expertise to make crafts, it doesn’t hurt to start trying to create it.

The capital needed to make it was no more than Rp 50,000. Do not believe? Here goes the list of used items that can be processed into handicrafts.

1. Used Bottle Crafts

  1. Arrange the seven pieces of cardboard with different arrangements between the pieces.
  2. For the top of the lamp, cut the cardboard to form an equilateral pentagon of the same size.
  3. Make a hole in the middle so that the tip of the lamp can enter the lamp fitting then glue the cardboard to the lamp fitting .
  4. If so, attach the pieces of cardboard that had been prepared previously then glue it to each other so that it forms like a beautiful lampshade.

Photo frame

Photo frame is one of the handicrafts from used cardboard that we can try next. By making our own we are free to determine what kind of frame you want.

For more details, let’s prepare the ingredients and follow the steps below.

For more details, let’s prepare the ingredients and follow the steps below.

  1. After the front frame is finished, it’s time to make the back of the frame. Cut the cardboard for the back of the frame the same size as the front.
  2. Then glue the frame using glue.
  3. If so, we can also add a protective form of clear plastic for the photo.
  4. For the support, look for a cardboard with a thicker size.
  5. Cut cardboard with a tie-like shape with a length that matches the frame.
  6. Then glue the stand to the back of the frame using glue.
  7. If so, then we can display photo frames too.

4. Handicraft from a Straw

Often the straws we use end up useless in the trash. Even though if we collect it and process it into handicrafts, this second-hand item can provide benefits. Here are three types of craft from straws that we can try.

Plastic flowers from a straw

Plastic flowers are the most handicraft made when using straw as raw material. Because it’s easy and doesn’t even cost a lot to make it. Let’s see what are the ingredients and how to make them.

How to make:

  1. Take one plastic straw, then make a cross section about 3 cm. After approaching 3 cm, slightly incision 0.5 cm wide incision.
  2. Then roll the straw starting from the incision that was made earlier using a stick.
  3. Roll the straw to follow the rotation of the stick that will become the stem of the rose later.
  4. After the roll has finished, glue the remaining end of the straw to the stick using glue.
  5. To make the flower look more beautiful, add leaf ornaments by cutting a straw resembling a small leaf which is then glued together using glue.
  6. If so, repeat the method above until several flowers have been collected.
  7. In order to look more presentable, cover the flower stalk using crepe paper.
  8. So the plastic flower decoration straws can already be exhibited.

Labyrinth of straws

We can also use straws to become toys that are certainly fun to play. Here’s how to make a maze from a straw that we can try.

How to make:

  1. Cut the cardboard to the desired size.
  2. Make a fold around the side as a dividing wall. Then glue the dividing wall using masking tape.
  3. Determine the desired start and finish box , then cut the straw in various lengths as desired.
  4. Then arrange the pieces to form a maze with the desired difficulty level using glue.
  5. If so, put marbles in it.
  6. So that marbles do not easily come out of the labyrinth, coat the top of the labyrinth using clear plastic and then glue using tape. If you have, the maze game can also be played.

Hanging decoration

In addition to used cardboard, even straws can be made into good decorative lights. The way to follow is also quite easy and the capital makes it very cheap. What are you waiting for, let’s see how to make it right away.

  1. Divide straws into 18 long straws, 12 medium straws (half the size of a long straw), and 12 short straws (half the size of a moderate straw).
  2. Arrange the straw to form a three-dimensional hexagon building using a wire inserted into the straw.
  3. Make sure the size of the hexagon made is in accordance with the size of the lamp fittings that will be used later.
  4. If so, prepare a flannel cloth that will be used to cover the wire contained in the straw. As well as being a reinforcement of straw buildings.
  5. Make 12 pieces of flannel in the shape of the letter X with a length of 1-2 cm.
  6. Also make 12 pieces of flannel to form the letter T with the same size.
  7. Then insert 12 pieces of flannel X into each meeting of 4 straws.
  8. Also do the same thing on 12 pieces of T. flannel.
  9. If so, attach this decoration to the chandelier fitting .
  10. Decorative lights from straws are ready to use.

That’s 12 types of handicrafts from used goods that we can make. To make it we do not need to prepare a large capital because the goods we have to prepare are generally available at home. If you have to buy capital you need, no more than Rp. 50,000.

In addition to being enjoyed by yourself, we can also make this type of home business opportunity that is quite promising. Because nowadays many people have started to be interested in whatever products are created by handmade.