Top 10 types of crafts to work with

Hello girls, are you enjoying our special tips for you? Today we have even more guidelines to help you in the world of crafts! I’ll show you the best and most used types of crafts for you to test and see for yourself.

# 1 – Decoupage

As you may already know, this is a technique that allows you to paste newspaper, paper, magazine, fabric, or even napkin clippings on the outside of an object to make it more creative and artistic.

Stones, woods, glass and metals are part of the materials that can be used as surface for your cutouts. Although it seems, it is not a difficult technique and is among the most used (and also most lucrative) types of crafts .

Our tip is that you try to cut out magazines or newspapers of different sizes and stick them on one surface, overlapping each other; The result is amazing.

# 2 – Cartonagem

Have you thought about creating boxes to organize different types of objects, phone cases, diary covers, diary and other amazing custom objects? The box gives you this possibility…

This technique basically uses cardboard, cardboard, glue and fabric to create various materials that you can sell or use in your home. The method allows you to create boxes, utilities or decorative pieces from the lining of the fabric on the cardboard and glue the pieces to make it a beautiful object.

If you want to delve into the subject, click here !

# 3 – Handmade Soap

You may have already seen that fragrant soap, which does not sell in the market, with beautiful shapes (It even pity to use, right?). These soaps are part of the best selling types of crafts because they have a very wide use. The person who buys can use it from personal hygiene, to a gift for Valentine’s day, to use as decorative objects on a party table.

Abuse your creativity and decorate these soaps, make different shapes and invent unique pieces. Rest assured it will be a very lucrative business.

# 4 – MDF Crafts

Girl, this technique is amazing just like the others. It also gives you the freedom to mix the other techniques together with her. By the way, a perfect union is that of MDF with decoupage.

Since MDF craftsmanship lets you decorate boxes for a variety of purposes – such as birthday, wedding, jewelry, etc. – applying decoupage can really bring an incredible result to your craft.

# 5 – Crafts in Fuxico

It is about weaving fabrics to produce different shapes, the most natural are the flowers, but you can join various parts of these yarns and create, for example: dolls, animals, necklaces, key chains, dolls, etc.

Don’t limit yourself, this is a widely used type of craft that will bring you a good income if you use the creativity I know you have to spare.

# 6 – Craft with EVA

A technique with simple principles. It is about cutting out pieces of EVA and pasting creating various shapes such as: people, objects, birds, houses, etc. There are really several possibilities and it ranges from a birthday or graduation souvenir to the decoration of an entire room.

Let your mind flow and you will have amazing results with this craft method. The next topic will show you more amazing types of crafts . Come on?

# 7 – Fabric Painting

We could not forget this technique, right? For you who like to draw, applying this technique is really amazing! You can paint fabrics according to your inspiration.

This is highly valued work, but it also requires a little more perfection. It is important that people who work with this type of craft stick to the details; The more the merrier.

# 8 – Crochet Crafts

Crochet allows you to make rugs, towels, dresses, blouses, scarves, dolls, etc. Although it is also an old technique, it is always widely used because it is versatile and always current. It can be great to ensure you work in your spare time and to secure extra income.

# 9 – Biscuit


We can say that Biscuit is an addictive and lucrative type of craft.

You, like me, must have already experienced this art, which even has a therapeutic footprint. It’s about modeling and creating shapes with cold porcelain paste, which takes on the shape you modeled after a day or so.

# 10 – Crafts with recycled materials


In the age of sustainability, it really is important to work with this kind of crafts. It is about using in your works the materials you would throw away, such as: milk box, Nescau can, wine bottles, etc.

This technique gives you an amazing look and helps to help improve the environment of our planet.