Original Purwakarta crafts Able to Capture the World

Souvenirs are something that tourists usually bring after vacationing in a country or region of people. Having high artistic value, that’s what attracts the attention of typical regional souvenirs . Not a few of the results of the creative hands of the Indonesian people have been sold to foreign countries.

Purwakarta Regency for example. So far, maybe some people know that this city is identical to the Jatiluhur Reservoir and several other tours. But who would have thought, that Purwakarta also has souvenirs that boost the local economy through the creativity of its citizens. Well, here are three Purwakarta handicrafts whose existence sells well.

  1. Ceramic Plered

The pottery center in Purwakarta is located in the Plered District area, precisely along the Anjun-Plered Highway. Products sold include jars, flower vases, jugs, and so forth. With the raw material of clay, the Plered community made a promising profit. The popularity of Plered ceramics is even worldwide, you know. Not surprisingly, market demand from Korea is a flower pot subscription. Because, in a month the demand for orders can reach 6,000-10,000 flower pots. About the price, objects made from clay are sold for between Rp. 20,000 and Rp. 50,000.

  1. Miniature boat

The Citarum River witnesses the history of the second popular souvenir in Purwakarta, which is a miniature boat. Because, in Cikaobandung Village, Jatiluhur District, which is located right on the banks of the Citarum River, had succeeded in making traditional boats that have high quality. Therefore, now various forms of miniature boats are offered to local and foreign tourists as souvenirs typical of Purwakarta.

With wooden waste and improvised equipment, these miniature boats were made from the types of people’s boats, royal boats, warships, Indonesian boats to Marcopolo ships. Craftsmen usually set a price of between Rp 100,000 and Rp 3,000,000. Reportedly, indeed the most expensive was added glass frame accents that make the miniature seem luxurious. The marketing has also penetrated overseas exports, you know.

  1. Variety of handicrafts from bamboo

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Cikopak Village, Mulyamekar Village, Babakancikao Subdistrict, Purwakarta, an area that is identical to bamboo handicrafts, is being hired by tourists. Reportedly, Wulung bamboo (black) was transformed into a multifunctional piggy bank and glass, namely as a place to drink or place a pencil. In addition, it also offers souvenirs such as watches, lights, children’s toys, all of which are made from bamboo. The bamboo craftsmen in the village indeed utilize the existence of bamboo as a basic material because its procurement is fairly easy. For the price of each craft varies depending on size, starting from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 100,000.

Doing business by making used goods valuable now has long been done and in the community itself has launched a waste recycling program. The presence of rubbish such as used bottles and bulbs usually makes the environment unclean and it is very difficult to recycle plastic waste. The bulb of course we already know how it looks and now we can use it as interesting and unique objects. Of course an unused bulb can be formed with a variety of unique designs such as making lighting decorations and toys. Crafts from used materials and how they are made using various materials such as bulbs are now able to penetrate the international market and you can also make them. It’s not difficult enough to make a light bulb to be attractive and give cool effects in some rooms. Therefore if you are interested in being able to make some handicrafts using bulb materials, consider

The function of the bulb is of course a medium for lighting a room, but if it’s already dead then it’s better to do recycling efforts, one of which is to make it an incandescent lamp. Discard all electrical circuits inside the bohlan and leave only the lid. Then make a hole in the bolam cover then fill it with kerosene and slip the wick for the media. Room Decoration There are so many handicrafts made from used materials and how to make them using a bulb, one of which is room decoration The average selling price of a bulb can be very high because the level of difficulty and complexity is also very high. Therefore do not be surprised if we often encounter bohla handicraft products can be highly valued. From the two forms of handicraft made from used materials and how to make them using a bulb, we can see that any object around us can make money even though it has to be changed in shape. You can make a variety of unique creations from a used bulb that is now able to donate various benefits.