Let’s Start a Handicraft Online

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is in sight. At this time, creativity and harder work are needed so that we are not eroded by the times. Well, for those of you who are creative especially those who love to make crafts, take advantage of your ability to seek greater profits.

You can use social media to sell handicraft items that you make, so that more people will use them. You can also take advantage of the development of e-commerce or market places like Bukalapak to market your products. That way the marketing of your work will increasingly reach many people.

Don’t hesitate to start an online business , especially if you are able to produce quality goods and have good quality art. Capital is not a problem, all it takes is the desire to advance and early trust.

Here are a number of reasons that can increase your confidence to start an online business selling handicraft items:

  1. Online business selling handicraft items can be started with small capital

You can start a handicraft business with a small capital. You only need to spend money to make one product for you to display on your social media page or in your online store.

Furthermore, you can ask customers who are interested in buying to place an order first and the products they will get after a few days of work. This allows you not to mass-produce products and lots at the beginning, but to make them according to incoming orders and avoid the possibility of unsold products.

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  1. If your product has characteristics, don’t be afraid to compete in online business

Luckily if you are the only person in Indonesia or in the world who makes certain handicrafts. But in reality, often the crafts that you make are also made by many others.

Therefore you need to give a distinctive touch to the product that you make so that your product can stand out compared to similar products and can help customers to easily identify the product that you make.

You need to continue to experiment and innovate, either from the craft materials used or the craft models that are made. You can also make crafts that are raised from the development of potential natural and cultural resources that are around you or in your area of ​​residence.

Your carefulness in exploiting this potential can increase the uniqueness of your product so that it will be hunted by the local and international community.

  1. Social media and online sales can expand your market reach

Marketing is an important thing to be taken into account by the craftsmen. With current technological advances, marketing can no longer only be done by opening a store or displaying it in galleries, exhibitions or bazzars. Now you can use various digital platforms to increase sales of your products.

You can create a special social media account dedicated as a virtual storefront for your products. In addition, you can also join as a seller on various online shopping sites , such as Bukalapak, to reach more buyers from various regions.

  1. Don’t forget to always increase knowledge

A creator can certainly run out of ideas. Therefore you need to continue to increase your knowledge about the field you are in. Good knowledge in terms of product production, packaging, promotion, and marketing. You can easily do this by establishing good relations with other craftsmen, both those who produce similar handicrafts, and those who produce crafts that are different from your creations.

You can exchange ideas about product ideas and even collaborate with each other to make craft products that were completely unthinkable before.

In addition, you can attend meetings or training routinely held by groups of craftsmen. The activity is carried out to improve the ability of its members in various fields.

Bukalapak, for example, actively and regularly holds meetings or ground coffee (Kopdar) with pelapak in various regions. Even recently, Bukalapak held a grand gathering with the theme of the new Economy Heroes. In addition to holding a seminar with inspirational speakers, this event also held a number of workshops , including workshops on product marketing, packaging of goods, and service to customers.