How to Make Money with Crafts

People often ask me  how to make money with crafts , if it is possible to have a nice income and other such questions.

The answer to these questions is quite simple: yes, you can make money from crafts and even make it your main source of income if you don’t already do so.

How To Make Money With Crafts? – The question that everybody wants to hear

An important point that you must take into consideration is what you will produce. It is no use making a product that you find beautiful but that others do not like or have no interest in buying. It’s very important that you do a lot of research, find out what people are looking for and then produce. Selling will become much easier when you produce what you sell rather than what you produce. Try to create unique pieces that are different from those already on the market. This will be a big differentiator and add a lot of value to your product.

How much to charge for my crafts?

I am not going to talk about a specific type of craft in this article, as the pricing applies to everyone. An important concept that you always need to keep in mind is the difference between price and value.

I will explain further. I only buy a phone of 5,000 reais if I realize that it is worth more to me. So I will be taking more value than price, and price does not become an impediment. Now, if I already had a cell phone that met all my needs, I wouldn’t pay that price because the value for me would not be enough. Value is something individual and temporal, it depends on the need of the moment.

The best strategy for getting more customers to buy your products is not to lower their price, but to increase their perceived value.

What makes your product more or less worthwhile is the information you make available about it, the quality of your service, the positive customer testimonials, the ways in which it is used, the delivery time, the quality of the material and many other things.

Think of a scale, on one side is the price and on the other the value, the more value your product has the more people will buy it.

For pricing, it is important that you relate all costs to materials and fixed costs such as light, taxes. Do not forget to also define the cost of hours worked.

With the defined costs just add your profit margin and you reach the final price of the product. At this time, if you find it expensive, list all the perceived values ​​your product has. For example, a person might look at a felt lion keychain and see only the keychain, but not only that, it is a unique handmade, packaged, custom-tagged felt lion keychain…To understand a little better about the difference between price and value, I recorded the video below explaining a bit about this important concept.

Where to sell my crafts?

Now that you know how much to charge for your work, it’s time to learn how to make money from crafts . There are several ways to do this, and I wrote an article talking about  how to sell handicrafts over the internet  and I recommend that you read.

The best way to start selling your crafts is by showing your work to family and close friends. The old word-of-mouth strategy is still very useful and can pay off.

If possible make personalized business cards or stickers with your contact details and whenever you make a sale put your little card along, so if someone you know who you are interested in gets easier to contact you later.

Nowadays people spend a lot of their time connected, so use it to your advantage. Enjoy social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram. Whatsapp is great too, but beware of excesses, you won’t want to be reminded of how boring that only sends photos advertising your products all the time.

Now that you know  how to make money on crafts , it’s time to get your hands dirty and publicize your work. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment here.