General Crafts: Ideas For Yourself To Do

General Kitchen Crafts: Create Utensils and Recycle

The general kitchen crafts are very colorful and you can use various raw materials such as canning glasses, food cans, glass bottles, aluminum cans, fabrics, wicker baskets, pallets, newspapers, as well as pieces in crochet as the American game of crochet among others.

You can develop beautiful pieces with the general kitchen crafts that besides decorating your environment are useful and facilitate the day to day. You can recycle multiple objects to economically solve many space and organization issues.

With general kitchen crafts you can make objects such as tableware, rugs, curtains, shelves and many other ideas.

Kitchen Crafts

2- The general kitchen crafts decorate and contribute to the organization of the environment. Source: Pinterest

General kitchen crafts such as the cutlery holder can be made of colorful and patterned fabrics with lace trim and wooden support. As it is very practical, you can take it from kitchen to gourmet area without other types of organizers.

General handicrafts sousplat and coasters and cups

3- Crafts in general made with newspaper rolls are cheap and easy to make. Source: Crafts & Recycling

Sousplat and coasters are made with newspaper rolls and magazines, although crochet sousplat is more common. In the above model the artisan used the round shape and finished the work with paintings in white and the details imitating wood.

Making Crafts: Make Your Decorative Objects Yourself

For those who are making crafts and looking to save money on materials, take a close look at the products you have at home and recycle them. The tendency of craftsmen is to prioritize the use of sustainable materials.

An interesting tip for you who are making crafts and looking for different ideas is to visit the craft fairs of your neighborhood or events produced by your city hall.

If you don’t have much practice and want to start doing manual work, start by doing simple crafts such as canning fabrics, painting vases, crochet crochet nozzles and other utensils that can help you develop technique in execution.

General Crafts Cross Stitch Embroidered Dishcloths

4- Crafts in general for dishcloths and towels use cross stitch embroidery. Source: Art & Loom

The dishcloth with cotton fabric is cross-stitched on the bar, so these crafts in general are great options for those who want to decorate the kitchen simply, conveniently and cheaply.

General Crafts Magazine Door

5- Magazine rack made with newspaper straws or magazines serve to decorate any corner of your environment. Source: Craft Magazine

A craft with newspaper or magazine rolls are ideal for creating decorative objects, by reusing these materials you can make useful and beautiful utensils.

Walkthrough: How to Make Magazine Holders with Newspaper Straws

Crafts in general that use rolled up newspaper or magazine paper can be dyed or painted in the colors of your choice. In this simple craft technique, the way to roll the newspaper is what guarantees the quality and the final finish of the piece.

Here’s how you can make a magazine rack with newspaper or magazine straws to complement your living room, home office, or bedroom decor . Check out!


Step One: Cut the newspaper sheet into strips;Second step: Wrap the newspaper strip diagonally using a wooden stick;Step Three: Finish wrapping the newspaper strip and sticking the end so that it does not unwind;Before you start making the magazine rack, make several straws and set aside;Wrap the straws and make a square shape in the dimensions of 5 x 5cm.For the base, separate 16 squares and join them into a square;Start up the sides by joining squares on the sides of the base;Repeat the operation to the desired height;

Crafts in general roll straws step by step

6- Crafts in general with newspaper rolls are cheap and practical. Source: Cell Study


Using this technique you can develop amazing and amazing decorative pieces. With this technique for crafts in general using paper or magazine straws you can also sell and have a good extra income.


Various crafts: Use the most different materials

There are various shapes and materials for various crafts that use from ancient techniques such as fuxico (Scraps of colorful and wrinkled printed fabrics) to the recycling of rope-lined tires to make decorative puffs.

With yo-yo you can make various crafts such as bedspreads, table runners, garlands, pillow ornaments and many other decorating ideas.

Old tires let you create a variety of crafts from gardeners, benches, coffee tables, plant stands and children’s toys. It is ideal for you to innovate the decoration of your environment with modern and environmentally friendly objects.


Crafts in general centerpiece made of old tire

7- General handicrafts that use old tires make the environment attractive and modern. Source: Margaretss


Crafts in general that use truck tires to make coffee tables are cheap and many easy to make. You just have to attach a rope around the tire and place a mirror as a table top.


You can also paint the string any color you like, but remember to match the rest of your room decor. This type of craft is ideal for decorating balconies, rustic spaces, living areas and barbecue.


Crafts in general quilt yarn

8- Crafts in general made of yo-yo have a low cost, but in the market is sold for a high value due to the delicate work. Source: Pinterest


The yo-yo quilt was made with various colored units and forms various geometric designs. To make this quilt were used various scraps of fabrics cut in circles, lined at the edges and pulled to wrinkle.


Crafts in general are great for decorating retro-style environments, as this technique is very old and has been passed down for generations.


Craft Ideas: Decorate and Transform Environments

You can make with various techniques and craft ideas utensils to use in all environments of the house. In the bedroom you can enjoy craft ideas such as fabric wall covering, crochet domed lamps and nursery furniture.


In the kitchen, craft ideas create everyday objects like newspaper tablecloths, crochet rugs, bread bags, embroidered dishcloths, placemats and painted food cans.


There are also many bathroom craft ideas such as towel racks and toilet paper made from wooden fruit boxes. You just need to use your creativity to develop beautiful and practical pieces.


General handicrafts bathroom

9- Crafts in general made from fruit crates are used to functionally decorate various environments. Source: Roofing Brooklyn


With two painted fruit crates and top-applied fabric or plastic, you can make a shelf for the bathroom. Fruit crates are recycled materials used to create various crafts.


General crafts for girl’s room

10- Crafts in general can be used in children’s rooms. Source: Pinterest




The round crochet rug for the girl’s room is made of white thread and its edges are crocheted with gray-dyed twine. This craft is very delicate and suitable for baby room .


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Handicrafts in general with PVC pipes

11- PVC pipes are widely used in general crafts to make vertical garden. Source: Everything Special


General Rustic Kitchen Crafts

12- Crafts in general made with meat taboos and glued fabric like bags serve to put cutlery and recipe notebooks. Source: Pinterest


General crafts with makeup organizer

13- Crafts in general can be made with cut plastic packaging. Source: Pinterest


General wooden handicrafts to plant the wall

14- Crafts in general with cut decks are ideal for vertical gardens. Source: Pinterest


Crafts in general in potinhos Crafts

15- Crafts in general use canning jars applied with fabric to organize the kitchen. Source: Cultura Mix




Crafts in general lamp

16- Crafts in general use canning jars for different purposes. Source: Pinterest


General Crafts Dishcloth

17- Crafts in general made in dishcloths use yo-yo, crochet and applied fabrics. Source: Pinterest


General handicrafts for full kitchens

18- Kitchen games are crafts generally made of fabric. Source: Art & Loom


Crafts in general cabinet with crates

19- Fruit crates stacked in various directions turn general crafts into shelves. Source: The House My Grandma Wanted


General Bottle Crafts

20- Crafts in general with cut bottles are used as lanterns or sconces. Source: Pinterest




General Craft White Crochet Rug

21- General crochet crafts can be made for table centerpiece, rug and curtain. Source: Pinterest


Crafts in general Baskets for pencils and magazines

22- Crochet flower crafts generally serve as adornments for office furniture. Source: Crafts & Recycling


General Crafts String Bathroom Rug

23- The string is a material widely used in crafts in general. Source: Very Chic


Crafts in general beverage box

24- Crafts in general with crates can become a sofa base. Source: The House My Grandma Wanted


General crafts for the kitchen

25- General handicrafts of shopping bags are made of fabrics with wooden handles. Source: Pinterest




Crafts in general with biscuit

26- Crafts in general made of biscuit adorn kitchen pots. Source: Pinterest


General creative crafts

27- Crafts in general using PVC pipes as potted plants. Source: Beautiful Images


General Crafts Preachers

28- Crafts in general use cloth bag hangers for preacher holders. Source: Pinterest


Crafts in general with cut bottles

29- Crafts in general made with cut bottles create ideal vases for succulents. Source: Tetê Blog


Crafts in general with fabric to decorate sofas

30- Cushions for crafts in general can be made as a remote control door. Source: Pinterest




General crafts for kitchens

31- In crafts in general food cans can become kitchenware. Source: Pinterest


General bathroom crafts

32- General tire crafts can be used throughout the house. Source: Beautiful Images


General wooden handicrafts for wall mounting

33- In crafts in general wooden boxes can be used as decoration of bars. Source: Pinterest

Crafts in general coffee table

34- In crafts in general with painted spools decorate modern rooms. Source: Pinterest

General crafts for sewing

35- The cloth-covered pot has become a sewing kit for crafts in general. Source: Pinterest

General Crafts Brown Crochet Living Room String Rug

36- Crafts in general such as oval crochet rugs decorate rooms in classic style. Source: Katia Ribeiro Crochet Fashion and Decoration

General crafts with milk carton

37- Crafts in general with milk cartons are lined with colored paper or fabric. Source: VilaMulher

General crafts with bottle

38- General crafts for chandeliers are made with whiskey bottles cut with strings at the base. Source: Pinterest

Crafts in general carpet with wine corks

39- General bathroom crafts use waterproof materials such as wine stoppers to make carpets. Source: Pinterest

40- Crafts in general use recycled materials. Source: Crafts & Recycling

General handicrafts wood

41- Crafts in general use wooden boxes as an object holder. Source: Pinterest

Crafts in general American game

42- General handicrafts for American games are made of fabric. Source: Crafts Brazil

Crafts in general mandalas

43- General mandala crafts can be made with newspaper or magazine rolls. Source: Pinterest

General fork crafts

44- General jute handicrafts can be used as Christmas cutlery holders. Source: Pinterest

Crafts in general pillows with decorated fabrics

45- General patchwork crafts use printed fabrics. Source: Step by Step Crafts

General Crafts in Swimwear

46- Crafts in general with application of fabric and embroidery on bath towels. Source: DC

Crochet Pottery Crafts

47- General crochet handicrafts in the kitchen decorate the environment. Source: Crochet

Crafts in general with candles and cinnamon

48- Crafts in general with candles and cinnamon sticks. Source: VIX

General crafts for baby room with basket of products

49- General nursery crafts have baskets and pots of decked products. Source: Cultura Mix


Crafts in general with white and black fabric

50- General kitchen crafts use white and black fabric for American games. Source: Pinterest

Crafts in general decorative pillows

51- General handicrafts with fabric scraps make living room cushions. Source: Love Decorate

Crafts in general with fabric cushions

52- General handicrafts with themed pillows are ideal for children’s rooms. Source: Ateliê Natureza


Handicrafts in general with reels

53- General reel crafts are ideal for laid-back decorations. Source: How to Make Crafts

Handicrafts in general with tree frame with buds

54- Crafts in general can be made with button frames. Source: Step by Step Crafts


Crafts in general with corks

55- General tableware crafts are made with wine stoppers. Source: Craft Living

Fun general crafts for pet bottle cooking

56- Crafts in general with pet bottle as fun vases to adorn the kitchen window. Source: Roofing Brooklin


Crafts in general photo mural

57- Crafts in general decorate the wall with clothesline. Source: Pinterest


Glass pot crafts

58- Crafts in general with glass jars serve as lamps. Source: Step by Step Crafts

General Crafts Crochet Bedspreads

59- Crafts in general with crochet bedspreads and pillows. Source: Lu Guimarães