Expression of handicrafts

Handicrafts are among the skills that can be learned and practiced with high craftsmanship. Handicrafts have evolved over time, transformed from a mere hobby into various businesses and professions, as well as becoming one of the most important activities that receive wide attention, and despite the development of machines and equipment, it has not Handicrafts, and their value has increased during time as an art that takes a lot of fatigue and effort, but it requires high skill and great mastery, and it needs focus and patience, as well as the ability to imagination and creativity, because most handicrafts are creative crafts and have a special and large nature .

Handicrafts vary greatly, and their importance varies according to the commodity that produces them, but they have been around for a long time, and have evolved greatly over time, and despite this great development they have preserved their privacy and beauty, and among the most prominent of these crafts that have remained steadfast in the face of development: the craft of embroidery, which is A handicraft that needs craftsmanship, because what is produced includes a lot of beauty and creativity, so that people boast among themselves for having products from the production of these crafts, whether they are gowns or engravings on fabrics or copper or other, and also from the beautiful handicraft sculpture, which is One of the oldest arts ever, And it needs a lot of mastery and creativity, as well as sewing and carpentry and the manufacture of woodwork and blacksmithing, and many others.

The amazing thing about traditional handcraft is that it depends on the hand in the first place, and therefore it takes time and effort, and at the present time it has entered into some updates and machines, but it has preserved its special character which depends on simple tools, and it also constitutes a commercial attraction for many people, especially tourists from different The countries of the world who consider these crafts a mirror of the ancient human heritage, and a way of expressing art, beauty and culture, and for this reason these crafts receive great interest in most countries, and they are also assigned commercial markets to display them such as: displaying beadwork, fabrics and traditional jewelry, in addition to Li spinning and making dolls, fabric and stained glass.

At the present time, interest in handicrafts has become very broad, as many specialized institutes are established to teach these crafts in a professional and thoughtful way, and the trainees receive a lot of training by experts specializing in crafts, and these crafts also become taught in theory first, then the practical application of them begins After understanding her style in the right way, which positively affected the quality of production, handicrafts became one of the finest industries, which is very popular with people.

Distinguished from all human beings, carrying the qualities of creativity and innovation, they are the owners of crafts, beauty makers looking for creativity, they are one of the verses of God that indicate the beauty of its creation and the splendor of its creation.

In Egypt there are dozens of handicrafts that have been passed on through generations, from generation to generation, bringing with it the genetic footprint of creativity and beauty, for accuracy and mastery, and although it is on the way to extinction in light of the invasion of “mechanization”, it is still a sign of human creativity with his hands, and his ability to Creation, and it is ideal.

01- Handmade rugs:

Carpet industry and manual kilometer is the craft that has been inherited from the skilled old generations, which was famous for its accurate manufacturing and knot skill.

02- Embroidery:

Of the very old trades that women practiced, evolved and entered men in this field over time, and depends on the craftsman’s skill and skill in that, where he draws the shapes by thread and needle on the clothes (abayas covering the heads of the rows) using various threads and multiple and intertwined shapes to appear in beautiful shapes Exquisite.

03- Blacksmithing

An old craft, but still standing, despite the challenges that threaten it with extinction more than any

A time ago, the blacksmith craft, which played a role in the development of economic life, and perhaps because it recently entered into it, some developments made it the most resilient among handicrafts, as it entered into the design of metal furniture such as forforge, chandeliers, doors, and others. Carpentry, where tools are made of iron, nails, etc., and agriculture makes machete, ax, and others.

04- Papyrus

One of the most important ancient Egyptian industries is the manufacture of papyrus, from the papyrus plant, which was cultivated in northern Egypt in the Delta and became one of the oldest types of leaves in the world. Sometimes these papers reached rolls up to 45 meters long and Egypt became a center for making this paper and exporting it abroad.

05- Seals

The clown is the one who carries the seals and cliches of the people concerned, such as the writers, sheikhs, and judges, the mayors of the living and the merchants, and each person has a special stamp that he dowels the papers, which is the ratification of the contents of the document.

The maker digs them manually with simple hand tools and digs upside down to appear when sealed correctly.

06- Swimming

The craftsman uses a simple and accurate device in this field and consists of the following tools: turning

The bow, the drill, the bachelors, the elderly, the apes. As for the raw material used for making swimming pools, it is the bones of animals, especially the walk that are extracted from the seas.

07- Blowing glass

Hand craft by blowing, from which jellyfish or jugs are made, and pots and other things are formed by melting the glass, and the glass is raw in the form of pipes of different diameters that are melted and poured and then cut according to the required sizes of vessels, artists, or vases for decoration.

08- Knock on copper

A craft that relies on the use of brass to make jewelry and ornamental tools, some of which have been associated with household uses such as utensils, including what was used in the manufacture of weapons such as swords, daggers, spears, knobs, and handles.

09- Slippers

The raw material for beads is the natural leather of animals they bring from different regions. Kharaz uses different types of leather, such as goats, sheep, cows, and camels, each of which is suitable for making certain types of products.