Economical and Easy, You Can Make These 8 Crafts From the Remnants of Cloth

After finishing sewing, the remaining pieces of cloth are often considered rubbish and eventually discarded. Though not really,  girls . You can make a variety of new craft creations from there, you know. Reporting from , let’s see some unique objects that you can make using the remaining pieces of fabric:

  1. Embroidery Pillowcases

You can combine several pieces of cloth, then sew and make a pillowcase. This method not only makes your pillow more colorful, but it can also be a means to channel your creativity in combining colors and motifs. Of course this can also make you more efficient budget , girls.

  1. Pads for Sewing Needles / Needles

You may need a cushion like a sponge to put a sewing needle. Especially if you are veiled, let me not frantically looking for a pin pins , this place will be very useful. It’s time to use the rest of the cloth to become the cushion cover. You can even make the pads into various shapes, such as hexagons or triangles to make it more unique.

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One fabric that is suitable to be used as a small bag like this is lecien cloth . You can make it by combining several fabrics into one. Merging colors or motifs that match will make it even better , girls.

  1. Cloth Dolls

From the past until now, cloth dolls are always in great demand. The construction also does not require complicated material. You can combine (and stack) several fabrics in this one project . If you are used to making it, then there is business potential here. You can sell it as children’s toys or souvenirs .

  1. Cover Book

The cover of a notebook made of cloth has now become an interesting thing for many people. Adjust the shape of the fabric with the book as the cover, fold the remaining fabric into the book, then paste using glue. You look ‘stylish’ with the notebook that you carry.

  1. Piggy bank

This method can be applied to make a piggy bank for younger siblings / children. So that they are more eager to save money, then an attractive piggy bank can be used as one of the tools. The trick is easy, coat the existing piggy bank with a combination of patchwork, then decorate it as your child likes. It could also be to invite younger siblings / children in the manufacturing process so that they can feel more involved.


You who like to read a book might need a bookmark or bookmarks to remember the last page that was read. Make the remaining fabric pieces into various shapes to make it more interesting. You can also sew two different fabrics front and back as variations of your work.

At home there are events and need decoration? You can use the leftover cloth, girls . Cut into an equilateral triangle or other shape, then join using a string. So make a beautiful house, deh.

Those are some creations that you can make using the remaining pieces of cloth. You can save money by using goods that are often considered ‘useless’. Good luck!