Crafts of Plastic Glasses

Crafts of Plastic Cups – There are many examples of handicrafts made from plastic cups of mineral water that we can sample as a means of making crafts from used bottles. And there are some materials that we can actually use as materials to make handicrafts from unique used items, such as aqua glass, used bottle caps, used cardboard, used cans and other used materials. We can use it as a handicraft media.

If you are a creative person, you can change the items above into a good and unique craft so that it becomes something useful. Because all of these materials can be found easily around your home environment.

If in your home environment a lot of used items such as mineral glass, my advice is not to rush to throw it away. You can try collecting mineral glasses from your home environment every day, then at the end of the month. You will find stacks of mineral water in large quantities, which can be used to make creative handicrafts to make handicrafts from plastic cups.

Craft of Ice Cream Sticks

And you can teach it to friends or your children, how to use the plastic glass bottles, and make it a means of educational activities for them as well as to fill time, when they are on vacation so that holiday activities become productive.

How to make a basket from tea glass, the first thing before you make it, first to prepare the ingredients that will be used and want to be needed during the manufacturing process. So that when making no more confusion looking for materials, and among the equipment and materials needed to make a basket of aqua glass some of them.

Like glue gun or glue gun, paint the color as you wish. cutting tools such as scissors or knives. And finally the plastic cups that you have collected as much as possible in accordance with the plastic cups needed to make the basket later.

After all the ingredients that will be used to make the basket have been collected. Then you can follow how to make crafts from plastic cups  as follows:

Here the part of the glass that will be used is the top part which is in the form of a top circle, so from that we can separate the top of the glass first. Using a cutting tool can use a cutter or scissors. and be careful if you cut using a knife or cutter because it is quite dangerous, it can get hurt.

Then unite the glass circle piece earlier, regularly using glue gun or glue gun glue that you have prepared. Make a minimum of three parts with a minimum length of half a meter, making sure that each point is properly attached to ensure the basket can be durable and durable.

After you make everything, after that you just put all the parts that you made earlier and paste the edges. the final step is to make the bottom part in the same way, unite with the earlier share. After you finish making it, the last stage you can immediately give the color of the car to your liking.

How to make a fruit basket using plastic cups, in the process of making it almost the same as the previous basket making process. The difference in the process of making a fruit basket from the previous basket is on the part of making the top plate.

And in making it requires patience and stages are slightly different from before. But it does not matter the stages of the process are still the same as before, you just follow the steps above then you can try it first.

This one handicraft is very interesting, very suitable for those of you who have children, to teach your children to be more diligent in saving. and also train creativity and increase your child’s love in terms of saving.

Before you make crafts from used bottle items in the form of a piggy bank, you first prepare the materials needed. Like 2 pieces of used bottles, 5 bottle caps, and glue gun and cutter or scissors, just how to make it quite easy to follow the steps below.

The first step is to prepare just 1 bottle that is used first, then cut the bottle into two parts, cut in the middle. After you cut it in half then connect the pieces in the same position, becoming one piece smaller.

The next way we conjured up the 5 bottle caps into handicrafts from aqua bottle caps, to the next accessories we use one bottle cap for the front and the next four bottle caps. You make it as the lower leg, and paste it using glue gun.

So what I made here is in the form of a pig animal ,  actually you can create it yourself as you wish you want in whatever form you like. You can make it in the form of a rocket, or a four-wheeled vehicle.

Then you can make a hole in the upper part, equating it with a hole where you can put money. Be sure to fit coins and banknotes.

The last stage you can add your own knick-knacks at will you want to give knick knacks like what. To be more beautiful and beautiful, with the aim that your child is more diligent and eager to save money, good luck trying to make crafts from plastic cups.

Making a broom fibers using plastic bottles still seems very strange to you, it is rarely known by people, so the craft of broom fibers from used bottles is not too popular.

Immediately, to make a fibers broom from used bottles that you have to prepare the ingredients are sticks, hammer scissors, nails and the most important ingredient for making them is plastic bottles.

Prepare at least 5 bottles of the same size that will later be used as the main ingredient in making broom fibers. Here is how to make a broom fibers from aqua glass, follow the steps.

First cut the bottom part of the aqua bottle, after you cut it then make a broom hair shape. By cutting it vertically, do not be different do the same thing, all of the bottles will be used as a broom fibers.

After the cutting process is complete, then you connect the bottle with a stick using a nail. Make sure the nails you attach to the bottle and stick are firmly attached. If you don’t have nails, or if it isn’t too strong you can add them using power glue.

After the stages and stages above you have done, and everything is installed properly and correctly. You are ready to use the broom to clean the yard and inside the house.

Crafts from plastic cups are very unique and interesting, to be used as home decoration. You all can imagine in making the cartoon character that you want, so that it becomes more interesting.

The ingredients that you must prepare in advance in making crafts from tea glass, to be a cartoon character, are aqua glass, of course, the most important ingredient. Don’t forget to prepare other accessories such as fanel fabric that we can use as accessories and also paint colors as you please.