8 Creative, Creative and Easy Wood Craft Ideas

Crafts can be made from various objects around us. One of the materials that many handicrafts make is wood. This one material needs full accuracy and diligence to process it. An adequate tool is very necessary when making this one handicraft.

Skill and also qualified skills are also needed for maximum results. This wood craft can be a high-value art that is expensive. From wall hangings to miniatures and various household furniture can be created from wood.

It sounds difficult to create crafts from wood. But apparently making wood crafts is not as difficult as imagined. Let’s look at the BP-Guide review.

Want to make handicrafts from wood, of course, need the main material of wood. Indonesia has various types of wood that can be processed into a variety of goods. Each wood is unique and has its own characteristics. Besides these woods also have their respective uses.

From the texture and weight and different wood fibers can be used as different handicrafts. So you are not confused, first read this type of wood that can be used for crafts.

The first type is teak wood. This product is more durable and firm than other wood. The color is light brown to greenish. If used as handicrafts, then this wood has a high decorative value. This is what makes many furniture entrepreneurs like the use of teak wood for their products.

Teak wood is easier to work with. With low cracking strength, this wood is straight fibrous and has a rather rough texture. This teak wood product is more durable so don’t be surprised if this wood is called the king of wood. This wood is found in Central and East Java. This wood is priced high for one log because of its number one quality.

Similar to teak wood, this one wooden product is also of high value if used as a work of art. Sonkeling wood has a beautiful texture and fiber so it looks luxurious. The most interesting is the color because it is unusual. The color of this wood is purplish black making it look very unique.

Today the price of sonokeling wood is increasingly expensive. Previously, the price of wood was cheap, but as many handicrafts produced, the price of wood went up. Lack of this wood is very vulnerable to termites.

When viewed from the shape and appearance may be a little difficult to distinguish it from teak wood. With a distinctive brown color and neat fiber, this wood is relatively easy to process. Generally this wood is used as paper material but more and more are also making various handicrafts.

This wood is fragile and susceptible to mold and termites. Heavier and harder than teak wood. The price of the wood is cheaper than teak wood

This one wood is easily found anywhere. This is because the wood can grow in any area as long as it is tropical. With a nice white color on the edge and brown in the middle, this wood is commonly used to make tables.

For the problem of durability and severity, trembesi wood types are still inferior to other woods. The wood which is also called wood flare is also often used for furniture because the price is below the price of teak wood.

Mahogany wood can generally be obtained in areas with dry and wet seasons. With a tree reaching 40 meters, the diameter of this tree can reach 100 centimeters. Mahogany wood is often used to make furniture and sports equipment. Can also be used to make musical instruments and various building needs.

This type of wood is of good quality with the right level of durability and durability. But unfortunately this wood can not stand termites. Mahogany wood is often the choice for the manufacture of various handicraft items.

When choosing wood to make a handicraft, certainly not all wood can be used. There are several things that must be considered when choosing raw materials in the form of wood. The first is to note the type of wood.

In order to make quality crafts, of course the type of wood must be good. Choose strong and termite resistant. For example, teak or resin wood. You can also choose iron or iron.

Also pay attention to the moisture content in wood when choosing materials for crafts. This wood raw material certainly has different water content for each type. For this reason, first dry the wood before use and produce handicrafts.

You must first make sure that the water content is really low. Because if the water content in wood is still high then it has the potential to make wood easily shrink and even crack easily. To find out the water content in wood, you can use a special water content test tool for wood.

If you want durable craft materials, you must use quality wood. Use termite-resistant wood so that the craft is more durable on display. If the wood is not so termite-proof, you can also use an anti-termite coating material during the finishing process.

In addition to making handicraft products more resistant to termites, always place the product in a clean place. Perform regular product maintenance. The use of anti-termite products is highly recommended.

The selection of wood products for handicrafts must be appropriate. One of the right criteria is that the wood must be environmentally friendly. This is so that forest resources do not run out quickly and can be used by future generations.

Waste wood can still be used as handicrafts. By utilizing waste wood, it also means protecting the environment around us. The rest of the industry and the presence of wood furniture can be reused so that it does not become waste for the environment.

Shortly before using wood as a handicraft material, there is a process that must be carried out. We recommend that before processing wood must be roasted first. This process aims to reduce the water content so that the product does not crack quickly.

Generally wood is roasted a month with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. This covenant is also claimed to eliminate wood disease. In addition, wood also becomes more durable than termites.