7 Craft Ideas That Will Be Trends in 2019

The beginning of the year is the best time to organize and plan priorities, isn’t it? With that in mind, we came up with a list of craft ideas that will be successful in 2019. So you can learn about the trends of the moment and plan which area you want to invest in.

The secret to making money with crafts begins precisely by keeping an eye on the news and then discovering what is successful among your customers. Then, get pen and paper to write down these tips. Come on?

  1. Felt Crafts

The craft felt already a hit a few years ago and in 2019 is still an excellent way to make money with crafts. This style is visually charming and the best part is that it has a low production cost.

No need to make a big initial investment, and because the felt meter is super cheap, this is a good idea for those looking for a quick way to profit from crafts.

Room and maternity

Maternity items and children’s room décor are the best sellers. In this mode, it is possible to explore some models that are much in demand such as garlands, mobiles, backstage and 3D ornaments. Check out some Felt School templates and get inspired to start creating!

Decoration for children’s parties

In addition to decorating the children’s room, felt is also widely used to create decoration for children’s parties. Because it’s a lightweight, inexpensive, and easy-to-handle material, this option is perfect for creating a variety of fake cakes, ornaments, and even cakes .

Many felt craftswomen rent pieces for buffets and decorators to present to clients. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in this area, always be aware of the trends of the children’s world.

Below we have selected some models of party ornaments that are also part of the Felt School courses . As you can see, cartoon characters are very successful!

Felt bags

Have you considered creating a collection of colorful bags with creative moldings? Because felt is a great material for that!

As has been said, this is a very versatile material, and with the plethora of molds, characters and pets, it is easy to create models of felt bags that draw the attention of customers, whether children or adults. It is worth investing!

  1. Crochet

The crochet is a fad that never passes. Since grandma’s time, we can always find a little piece or another decorating the house.

And as crafts, crochet is a blank canvas waiting for ideas to create! You can do everything using just needles and threads. Therefore, this art attracts so many artisans who seek to combine low investment with high percentage of profit.


The amigurumi is a Japanese technique of creating dolls and  crochet critters . In recent years, this type of craft has become known in Brazil, and 2019 promises to further increase the popularity of these cuteness.

A simple piece, like this teddy bear made only with wool and silicone fiber, can be sold from $ 30 to $ 50. A great profit, isn’t it?

Did you like this idea? So check out our complete guide and learn how to make amigurumi .

Crochet in the decoration

Gone are the days when having crochet pieces at home was considered “tacky” or old fashioned. The new modeling of crochet ornaments is very modern and matches any decorating style.

Invest in crochet mats , covers for pad, cachepôs, puff s and other ideas that you can check out this post:  11 Ideas To Use Beautiful Crochet In decoration.

Another handicraft trend for 2019 is maxi crochet (or maxi knitting). It is widely used to create quilts, rugs and decorative pillows. This technique is simpler than it sounds, and you can learn how to do it here in our tutorial .

To make the “giant” pieces in crochet, it is usually used a wool called merino, but as this material is very expensive here, many craftsmen replace with knitted yarns. An inexpensive, easy-to-do idea that fills the eyes of customers. What do you think?

Crochet bags

Still in the crochet wave, handbags will be very successful in 2019. It is worth following the trend of fashion and major brands of accessories, which has valued hand products on catwalks.

For crochet bags, knit yarn is the most recommended material as it is sturdier and makes the bag look more “hard” and structured. These beautiful models that we separated, are sold in Elo7 from $ 70 to $ 120.

Crochet Clothing & Accessories

Woolen clothing always comes around in the colder months of the year, so crochet baby caps and booties should not be left aside. But you can also take advantage of the other seasons to produce and sell crochet clothing. Bikinis, kimonos and  croppeds are in fashion and draw a lot of attention. Check out some models and get inspired.