15 Craft Ideas to Sell and Make a New Year’s Eve Profit

The end of the year has come, and with it a few more slips, many gifts to buy, and all the new year’s bills that are already starting to pop up and raise concern. Did you identify yourself? If so, we have an idea for you! How about making crafts to sell and earn extra income before Christmas?

With this idea in mind, we have assembled 15 types of crafts to make and sell without much complication. All tips are for easy-to-make products that are in great demand throughout the year. So if you liked the possibility of having money left over for the holidays, stay with us and check out the ideas.

19 Crochet Keychains for Making and Selling Do not worry about investing rivers of money to make money with crafts. Many times, for fear of risk, we lose opportunities that could yield good profits and a lot of personal satisfaction.

The ideas we brought to you are very simple and don’t require a lot of experience with crafts or big expenses to get started.

First of all, remember that choosing low-cost items is ideal so you don’t compromise your profit right away. It is also important that they are easy to make crafts, so that orders do not take so long or hinder your other tasks. Let’s get to the ideas?

  1. Christmas Ornaments

At this time of year, everyone wants to decorate the house and leave everything in the Christmas mood. And this is a great opportunity for you to make Christmas ornaments to sell. The pendants Christmas tree craft are great ideas to get started. But some other types of crafts are also great for sale:

Cutlery holderChristmas garlandsChristmas tree ornamentsDecorative candlesThemed Table Cloths

  1. Felt ornaments and dolls

The felt crafts is a hit all year, but the holiday season is a special time to start producing. This is because the pieces made with this material are great for gifting children in the family: dolls, bedroom decorations, garlands for babies, etc.

In addition, felt is a super cheap material and requires no sewing machine or many tools to work with. You can invest in:

Felt GarlandsDolls and charactersDoor OrnamentsBackstageKeychainsBaby shoes

  1. Decorated Boxes

Decorated MDF boxes are also good items to sell. After all, it is a blank canvas ready to receive all your creativity in the form of paint, fabric, pearls, etc. This makes it easier to please all tastes and preferences.

You can do everything: organizing boxes, jewelry box, sewing box, etc. Just unleash the imagination.

Beautiful, colorful and fragrant. Handmade soaps are gifts anyone would like to receive, so they are easy to sell, right?

But if you don’t know how to make soaps, don’t worry. We have a very explanatory walkthrough for you to learn here . Best of all, the ingredients are very affordable. You will only need glycerin, some forms, essences and dyes. Other ideas to do:

  1. Embroidered Comics

These embroidered comics were a sensation this year. And the trend continues, so it’s a good craft idea¬† to sell.

If you already know how to embroider and have some cross stitch experience , half the work is done! But if you don’t know it yet, don’t worry because with a simple walkthrough and some embroidery graphics, this task won’t be difficult.

A big differential is to put the embroidery in backstage . As you can see in the pictures, the result is very delicate work. A great Christmas gift, isn’t it?

  1. Albums and Binds

The book binding is an excellent start for those who want to sell crafts. Since maternity, wedding and 15-year-old albums never go out of style, this is a profitable market to invest in.

And it doesn’t take much experience to create beautiful custom albums, decorated notebooks, and so on. Smaller items can still be sold as gifts and party favors. This idea is worth considering.

The amigurumi is definitely the great feeling of the moment. Everyone wants to have a crochet pet at home, at the office desk or in the children’s room. And to your delight, this is an easy mega craft to make.

Of course, if you already have knowledge of crochet, everything is easier. But even those who have never made crafts are venturing into this successful art.

All you need to get started is some thread for amigurumi, crochet hooks, stuffing and a good recipe. Ready! The price of these pets is great and will earn you a good profit.

  1. Handcrafted Bags

Fabric, jeans, felt, crochet, patchowrk. These are just some ideas for handcrafts you can make to sell. And the cool thing is that this kind of craft reaches both adults, children and adolescents.

Here on the site we already teach several different and creative models. Click here and choose one to get started!

  1. Keychains

If you prefer to start with smaller pieces, keychains are great options. The great advantage is that they can be made with the most diverse materials: felt , fabric, crochet, EVA.

In addition to its low cost, the production of handcrafted keyrings is fast, which is a good idea if you are in a hurry to start making money.

Learn here how to make a felt unicorn keychain. Kids will love it and orders will never be missed!